Reasons why Lagos traffic is chaotic when it rains


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Lagos traffic gets worse whenever it rains, making motorists wonder what the problem is. Check out factors responsible for this terrible condition!

The mere thought of driving in Lagos traffic gives you a headache. The number of cars in Eko are uncountable. One of the most populated States in Nigeria, it appears Lagos roads aren’t enough to accommodate everyone. Traffic is a regular occurrence in the city. But it gets even worse whenever it rains.

Lagosians who drive get worried when the clouds begin to gather for downpour. And that’s because they know the trouble they’ll experience driving to their destinations afterwards. If you are one of those who always wonder why traffic doubles in the event of a rain, brings you the answers you seek.

7 reasons why Lagos traffic worsens when it rains

1. Terrible roads

Top on the list of factors responsible for heavy traffic when it rains, is the terrible roads. In all fairness to the Lagos State Government, they are doing their best in constructing and maintaining roads across the city, but some of these roads are not just in good conditions. There are arguments in some quarters that contractors who work on these roads are to blame for their deplorable conditions. Shortly after the roads are fixed, they wear out. If the contractors could do better jobs, we wouldn’t have to deal with too many bad roads.

2. Limited vision

Driving in Lagos on a normal day is a battle of the fittest. With cars moving at every angle, one has to be very skillful not to collide with other drivers. It gets worse when the rains are falling. Naturally, drivers’ vision is obstructed. Hence, they move at a slower pace in order not to cause accidents.


Rain causes difficulty for Lagos drivers due to the limited vision

3. Obstruction caused by heavy-duty vehicle

Heavy-duty vehicles are always on Lagos roads. Despite efforts to limit movement of these vehicles to certain hours, they still ply the roads at all times. It’s only natural for drivers to tread with caution around these vehicles especially while its raining. One wrong move, and things could get really messy. The next time you are in a heavy traffic while it’s raining, turn around to see if there are heavy-duty vehicles around you!

4. Faulty vehicles

Cars are unpredictable. They might decide to “misbehave” when you least expect it. It isn’t strange to see cars break down while the sun is very hot in Lagos. With so much water everywhere, chances of a break down are higher as water could get into sensitive parts of the car. Unfortunately, a single car breaking down could worsen the traffic, leaving many other motorists in a tight condition.


Look at this gridlock, you can find all types of vehicles here!

5. Illegal parking

You see how some drivers park their cars sometimes, and you wonder what they were thinking while doing that. Lagos is one city where drivers drive however they like. Some drivers act like they own the roads, and park right in the middle, not considering other drivers using the road.

Drivers parking improperly while it’s raining is disastrous. They block the little space that people would have used to find their way around the flooded roads.

6. Uncoordinated stopping by commercial bus drivers

Commercial bus drivers AKA Danfo drivers are a major problem of the transportation system in Lagos. They move however they want, paying little or no regard to traffic regulations. In the rains, when other drivers are trying to carefully move around, you’ll find them stopping in the middle of the road to pick passengers, thereby slowing other cars down.

7. Touts constituting nuisance

It seems Lagos touts AKA Agberos aren’t bothered by the rain. Even when it’s raining cat and dog, they are all over the road, running after bus drivers for money. They jump into the road without caution, forcing drivers to slow down in order not to hit them.


Can you spot some Lagos Agberos in this picture?

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Chris Odogwu
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Chris Odogwu

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