See the reaction of the police to the viral video of a fight between officer and tricycle operator


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The Imo State Police Command has reacted to the viral video of police officer and Keke operator fighting on the road. See the reaction and video here!

Just recently, a video of a police officer fighting a tricycle operator set the internet on fire, with lots of comments and backlashes from various users online. From a new report reaching us, the Imo State Police Command has finally reacted to this viral video of the Divisional Traffic Officer, attached to the Toronto Police State in the Owerri North Division and the operator of Keke NAPEP.


Officer and Keke operator captured on video dragging and pulling at each other on the road in Owerri

According to the video, an unknown officer and Keke operator were captured pulling and dragging at each other while the person shooting the video was shouting “DPO is fighting, a policeman is fighting”.

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As a result of this intense struggle between the two parties, the T-shirt worn by the officer was torn severely as both men aggressively held on each other. We noticed towards the tail end of the video that more officers joined the scene, giving the DPO an undue advantage over the Keke operator. Efforts by people around to settle the fight all proved abortive as they all scrambled for safety when a shot was fired into the air by one of the policemen.

DPO Fights Keke Operator for Hitting His Car 

The PRO of Imo Police Command, SP Ikeokwu Orlando, in a statement on Monday made it known the operator was initially beaten by the DPO before the arrival of other police officers. He also made a clarification on the status of the police officer as against the general assumption on the internet that he is a Divisional Police Officer.

He said:

"The attention of the command has been drawn to a video in circulation on various social media platforms. The command wishes to state that the person in the video is not the Divisional Police Officer, Owerri North Division (Toronto Police Station); the officer seen in the video is an Assistant Superintendent of Police attached to the division as the Divisional Traffic Officer.

"To set the records straight, the man in the clip who was driving a Toyota RAV4 SUV at the time of the incident, drove against traffic, a traffic officer stopped him, he called his bluff, the DTO whom was nearby saw what happened and decided to intervene, yet the driver zoomed off and almost hit the officer in the process of scampering for safety, the officer’s baton hit the side mirror of the car and it pulled out (but didn’t break).

"The DTO with the belief that the driver had escaped, he returned to where he was before the incident to mediate between two cyclists (Okada) groups, unknown to him that the driver and his friend had parked their vehicle afar off and ran back to attack him, they started beating him, tore his shirts and inflicted human bite on his chest and thumb.

"The clip only captured where the officer held the driver so he will not escape as he awaited for reinforcement to arrive. Upon the arrival of the reinforcement, the man was arrested and he made statements owning up to the traffic infraction, attack and injuries to the officer."

According to SP Orlando, the Commissioner of Police in Imo State, Bolaji Fafowora, has given an order for a full investigation into this matter.

The PRO further said:

"The command wishes to state that it is absolutely wrong for the officer to have hit and knock off the side mirror, either intentionally or mistakenly.

"It was wrong for the reinforcement to arrive and begin to beat the driver under any guise as seen in the clip.

"Similarly, it is wrong for the driver to drive against traffic and resisting arrest as well.

"Also, going back to attack the officer is not the correct approach to issues of such. The police have channels of reporting unethical and unprofessional conduct of its officers but surely not by self-help."

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