[VIDEO] Ranging kid drives off his father's car after storming out


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And this is not the first time a little kid is spotted operating a motored vehicle which is supposed to be handled by adults only. Check out the inside now!

Having a kid is a blessing to all of us. They are cute, loving and our source of inspiration when we have to go through tough times. 

Still, they can bring a lot of troubles sometimes, especially when they're about to go through their puberty. This kid, on the video below, appears to fall in that description. The video captured a scene where a father and his kid had been having an argument. The father then rushed out to the front yard to find his child in the family car. After the verbal exchange, the kid actually drove the car off!

By the look in the dad's face, he did not expect that at all

Whether they settled the situation later or found the child is unclear. The only thing certain here is kids can do absurd things, especially when their stubborn heads are filled with hormones.  

In the meantime, kids are good at automobiles than we adults might think. Check out these kids who handle motored vehicles all by themselves:

And these kids who are given a car at a very young age:

And they deserve it, since they are so smart:

 This 2-year-old boy who can distinguish between spanner sizes will make an aircraft engineer

What do you guys think?

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