This radical Renault Le Mans Concept looks absolutely surreal!


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The radical Renault Le Mans Concept is an astonishing sight to behold with huge air intakes at the front and lots of exciting other features. It makes you feel like being on another planet. See it below!

Well, you really can’t judge Le Mans switching from the planet of LMP1 experimental race cars to the creation of Hypercars that are car-based. Times are changing, so is creativity and innovation. Esa Mustonen, a Finnish designer, has taken to imagine what a radical Renault prototype race car would look like if it were to be brought to reality.


The radical Renault Le Mans Concept features large air intakes that push air into the brakes in front via the bodywork

The remarkable designer decided to take inspiration from the flawless curvaceous appearance of 1960 Le Mans racers and the harder surfaces and edges of the finest endurance race cars in the 90s. Well, what comes out is an astonishing electric model using super-capacitors, enough to turn it into a tourist attraction in a museum.

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With front wheel arches almost as high as its cabin, this concept model offers a remarkable exterior design

There is no way you would look at its front that you wouldn’t but notice massive airtakes, feeding air through the bodywork into the brakes. You will see something similar with the all-electric Lotus Evija, though placed at its rear. Other things you would notice at its front include curved front splitter, single LED lightbar, which stretches the entire width of the Fascia, and gold accents. Also, there is no way you would take your eyes off the high front wheel arches.


It strikes a very intimidating look and this imaginative design from Esa Mustonen is a big step to the future of race cars

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The concept’s sides are jaw dropping and highly stylish. We believe this is possible due to the presence of the honeycomb pattern and metallic gold finish. When you take a walk to its back, you wouldn’t be disappointed as it features vertical LED lights on the 2 rear fins, massive turbine and exposed suspension components. The radical and remarkable look couldn’t be complete without the presence of gold accents flowing across the top of the model.

We surely hope the automaker can bring this gorgeous concept into real life soon.

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