FG presses for quick adoption of LPG for powering transportation nationwide


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FG says that it is intensifying efforts to make Nigerians quickly adopt natural gas as an alternative to petrol for powering transport vehicles. Read more!

While other parts of the world are rushing towards electric-powered cars, the federal government of Nigeria has disclosed that it is more focused on making Nigerians adopt natural gas as the new alternative to petrol and diesel.

New reports have it that the federal government has confirmed setting up a new committee that is expected to push for rapid adoption of natural gas and Autogas vehicles in Nigeria.


Nigerian Federal government says it’s pushing for citizens to adopt natural gas as an alternative to petrol and diesel fuel

This update was revealed in a recent public statement by Justice Derefaka, the TA (Technical Adviser) on Policy Implementation and Gas Business to Mr. Timipre Sylva (Nigeria’s petroleum minister).

Press reports confirm that Justice Derefaka said a recent meeting was held by the NGEP (Natural Gas Expansion Programme) committee in Abuja during which a unanimous decision was made regarding further plans for adoption of natural gas for powering transportation in Nigeria.

Justice Derefaka also noted in his recent statement that the ministry of petroleum has begun implementing well-conceived initiatives in this new sector in line with FG’s overall strategy to have Nigeria’s gas sub-sector repositioned for success.

He added that 9 different priority projects have already been highlighted for immediate execution in an effort to attract investment and foster efficiency of the nation’s gas resources generally. This new development is expected to rapidly grow the local LNG/CNG/LPG market as well as drive further development of Nigeria’s gas sector.

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Want to learn more about vehicles powered by natural gas? Watch the video below for a brief but sufficient explanation;

Video: Natural Gas-Powered Vehicles-Yes or No

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