How to buy quality fuel in Nigeria


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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You have to be street smart to survive some things in Nigeria and buying quality fuel is among. You need to purchase a good quality oil for the sake of your car engine. Check this!

One thing we have understood about Nigeria is never to under-estimate the power of information. Though there are many filling stations sited along streets or highway, you will be shocked at what rate some of them are ripping people off through their tricks. Worst case scenario, you might probably buy diluted or low fuel quality that will incur serious damages on your car especially the engine. So, how do you make the best decision for your car by getting a reliable filling station? This is why it is important you read this article by on how to identify quality filling stations in Nigeria.

1. Customers’ turn out

One thing that is very common with fraudulent filling station is low patronage. When you notice that the filling station is always looking desolated, just have it at the back of your mind that something fishy is happening. You do not just lose customers as a filling station if your fuel pump has not been tampered with. Since it is information age, people love buying fuel based on testimonies from co-drivers.

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2. Commercial drivers’ assessment

In Nigeria, you do not want to mess with commercial drivers as a filling station. They are street smart since they understand lots of street tricks. If you want to know filling stations that sell quality and accurate fuel, you need to move closer to some of these drivers. They will give you first-hand information about every filling station in that area.


Locate a nearby trusted filling station for your quality fuel in Nigeria

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3. Do not fall for franchise

Being a popular name in oil and gas industry does not make you a filing station with standard. They probably had enough money to invest into fuel business and they are motivated by extreme annual profit rather than service provided. Do not be swayed by these stations because some of them do not have strict quality control on their branches.

Tricks used by filling stations to swindle customers

Finally, always be observant when you get to any filling station. Do not be lazy and take a close look at the fuel dispenser if the number on it is accurate enough, to avoid being swindled by fuel attendant.

Stay safe!

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