Putin brings along two 6-ton Russian-made presidential car to G20 summit


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The presence of the indegenous president car at the G20 summit was the best sale pitch for Russian car manufacturing industry. Click to see photos and video!

At the G20 summit that he attended with many world leaders in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Vladimir Putin brought along the new Aurus Senat Kortezh, a Russian-made limo. Actually, he flew to the South-American country with two 6-ton limos of this kind with one being a decoy and the other carrying him from the airport.

Aurus Senat Kortezh limo that Putin drives

Argentina calls it the Real Bunker on Wheels

This is a staggering surprise to the home country’s media, getting the biggest news delivering channels of Argentina to report about it the same day. Mira TN, an Argentinian TV channel, in the event of the Russian President’s limos running on the South-American land, gave it a nickname: the Real Bunker on Wheels.

President Putin arrives at Buenos Aires in his  Russian-made Aurus Senat Kortezh

According to the Central Research and Development Automobile Institute (NAMI), the manufacturer ò the Aurus Senat Kortezh Limo, the car is equipped with Kevlar tires able to keep the car in motion even when being shot, Rolls-Royce-inspired interior designs, and armor plating. The car can even handle the case of being submerged in water with no occupants put at risk.

During the G20 summit, Vladimir Putin said about the car:

“It is well made and it is very comfortable”

“It is a really good car. I like it. And it’s not just me. Some of our Arab friends like it too and they’ve said they want to buy this car for themselves”

In June, on the occasion of the visit by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, the Russian president has amazed the Price with his limo.

On another occasion 2 months ago, Putin drove the limo on his own on the Formula 1 circuit in Sochi to impress the Egyptian President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi.

Aurus Senat Kortezh limo made by Russia

This same car used to make the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi cried by surprise

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