Russian President Putin complains about soft bunker on wheels, requests for brutal version


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Vladimir Putin has a strong reputation for stern approach to everything and such is linked to his choice of ride as he complains of too much softness on his bunker on wheels. Read on!

Russian minister of Industry and Trade, Denis Manturov, recently disclosed during a public unveiling of Russian-made Aurus Senat limo and sedan, that Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has given a feedback to those who designed Aurus Senat L700Limo, his latest official armoured state car.


Despite the premium security features on this Aurus Senat Limo, the President still feels it should be more brutal

The minister said:

“some very light amendments about, I would say, the hydraulic system of the car because we made it first quite soft, he asked to make some amendments to make it more, I would say stronger, maybe more brutal”

The limousine came as a replacement for the Putin's Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard Pullman, which was at the spotlight for delivering Vladimir Putin in May last year to his inauguration.


Since it is a long vehicle meant for world leaders, more attention is paid to the rear seats with premium touch of luxury

The 14,000 pounds luxury limo, slated as bunker on wheels, comes with a design to protect those occupying the car when submerged fully in water. The model was brought to life as a result of the partnership between Bosch and Porsche, with the help of Central Scientific Research Automobile and Engine Institute (NAMI), based in Moscow.

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The version built for civilian use can easily compete with popular brands such as Bentley Mulsanne and Rolls-Royce Phantom. It is expected to be fully released into market towards the closing part of 2020, with a value around 150,000 euros.

Putin's Limo: First public appearance of Aurus outside Russia

No matter your taste, you can get the cabin design fully customized to what you love. More attention is paid to the rear passenger, offering 45 degree reclined rear seats with designer pillows. It also promises the rear passenger an inbuilt refrigerator, crystal glasses of Aurus brand and fold-out tables with leather trim.

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