Listen to the brake sounds of Putin’s Aurus limo as he enters Turkey in style!


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Looks like Vladimir Putin finally got his wish as his bullet-proof bunker on the wheels rolls into Turkey with audible sound. Check the video below!

Vladimir Putin, Russian President, recently arrived at the capital city of Turkey, for the bilateral talks with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish President and Hassian Rouhani, Iranian President, ahead of a trilateral summit regarding the settlement of the Syrians.


Guess Vladimir would be excited with the brake sound from his armored Limo halted when put to a stop in Ankara

The Putin's armoured Aurus Limo is designed to protect those inside the car from explosion, bullet and chemical attacks. The car is also equipped with the capacity to offer absolute protection when submerged in water. Just last week when the driver of this Aurus Limo was about to halt the 14,000 pounds vehicle at the Presidential Villa, this beast rolled in with a very audible sound.

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President Vladimir Putin recently complained that his bunker on the wheels was too soft, requested for aggressive version

If you can still recollect, the Russian President recently showed his displeasure towards the softness of this bunker on the wheels, as he requested for a more aggressive version. This statement was made public during a public unveiling of the Russian-made Aurus Senat Limo and sedan, where he disclosed the request of Vladimir Putin for:

“some very light amendments about, I would say, the hydraulic system of the car because we made it first quite soft, he asked to make some amendments to make it more, I would say stronger, maybe more brutal”

Turkey: Putin arrives in Ankara for trilateral Syria summit

Did you know that the non-armoured version of Vladimir Putin’s Limo could cost you as much as ₦99 million ($274,000)? This base price is even exclusive of shipping and clearing costs in Nigeria. How much do you think the armoured version would cost in the current market?

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