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If you like comfort and you're willing to pay for it, traveling with first-class public transport lines in Nigeria will be perfect for you. If you haven't used any of their services and will like to experience it, continue reading to learn what to expect.

Transport companies in Nigeria are becoming more prominent and tech-inclined. They have evolved from screaming destinations at popular locations to having a standard transport fleet that can conveniently convey people from one destination to another. Also, some of the most popular transport companies like God is Good Motors and ABC Transport, have improved by allowing travelers to book online, and even choose the “Home pickup” option.


Public transport is a solution to protecting the environment but it might bring you headaches too

Despite the positive evolution, we still can’t ignore the fact that their services might sometimes falter. With this in mind, it is best to be aware of the little obstacles that can occur when you intend to travel on public transport lines in Nigeria.

Before we visit the cons, let’s have a look at their good sides that Naijauto thinks the majority of public transports can offer!

1. Advantages of traveling with public transport lines in Nigeria

  • The bus will move regardless of how many passengers are on it

Unlike roadside traveling buses, these modern transport lines don’t wait for the bus to be fully occupied, they move when it’s time.

  • The leather seats are comfortable

Those vehicles might have little tears here and there but they’re perfect for a good headrest.

  • Some first-class buses have remarkable amenities

If you pay for a first bus (which is also first class) you get a classier bus, the air conditioner is better, you get a TV and a charging port too. There are a few other first-class treatments you will get as well.

  • Paying online is seamless

Paying from the comfort of your home is much easier.


First-class services provide passengers with correct schedules as well as more amenities

  • The Captains dress well

They actually have Captains who wear uniforms and look responsible.

  • First class buses are fast

Although a bit more expensive, the first buses are quite faster than all the other buses that move afterward.

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2. Disadvantages of public transport lines in Nigeria

The following tips, which are the cons, will help you plan a better trip with any transport company in Nigeria:

  • Don’t rely on online ticket booking

If you want to avoid the stress of visiting the bus terminal before the travel date, you can book online. This is supposed to be easy but you might experience a few obstacles, either with payment or the online booking service not being responsive at all. If it gives you issues more than twice, visit a terminal close to you.

  • Arrive at the park 30 minutes before departure

You might have the typical “African Time” mentality, but to avoid being left behind, get to the bus terminal 30 minutes before departure time.

  • If you have an appointment, event, or a flight to catch, travel a day before

The usual practice is for your bus to take off at the scheduled time, but you might be unlucky. They’re sometimes 30 minutes or over an hour late. Also, there might be an engine glitch on the way, your flight will be as good as being missed.

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Always attend the spot earlier to avoid unexpected cases

  • Don't forget to remind the captain (Driver) about your specific destination (bus stop)

Passengers in the same bus will not alight at the same destination, remind the Captain of your exact destination once you’re in the state.

  • Take a hand fan with you

The buses are supposed to be fully air-conditioned for the whole journey, but in case of an unfortunate AC defect, you might have to travel without one. In some terrible situations, the windows are permanently sealed (except the Captain’s row) and the heat can become unbearable. Your hand fan will come in handy.  

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  • If you book a first-class bus, don't expect to get a first class treatment all the time

This is one harsh truth. The first class bus is usually more expensive because it comes with enjoyable features like cooler ACs, personal TVs and charging ports. However, some of their buses are old and won’t come with these features, you won’t be told while booking.

  • Request a refund if you’re offered an inferior bus

In case where their service doesn’t match the amount you paid, request for a refund. If you’re obviously right, they will grant your request. Note that all they will give initially is an apology, you have to “Ask” for the refund.


Normal buses run riot on Nigerian roads

  • Your seat number might be changed

When you book a ticket, you get to choose a seating position that suits you. This might change when the bus is ready for departure.

  • Always stay close to your bus to avoid being left behind

You’re going to have stopovers at two locations at least, where you can eat and do whatever you want. Avoid wandering too far, especially if you have kids, the Captain and even passengers can get impatient if they have to look for you for too long.

Finally, if there’s anything you’d lose before riding in a public transport vehicle in Nigeria, make sure it’s not your ticket. The aim of this article is to help you prepare for unfortunate events, it doesn’t have to always be the case.

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