U.S. ON FIRE! George Floyd Protesters vandalize car showrooms in the U.S


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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See these photos of expensive Mercedes-Benz cars destroyed in a U.S showroom by protesters demanding justice for the late African-American man, George Floyd. See more!

The recent death of a “Black” American man, George Floyd, whom video evidence shows was killed by “White” police officers has sparked an uproar in many countries. As of the time of writing this report, a new hashtag #BlackOutTuesday and BlackLivesMatter are currently trending on social media platforms in the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Also, a huge number of protesters have taken to the streets in these nations to stage both peaceful and violent protests as they demand justice for all innocent dark-skinned people who have been wrongfully killed or assaulted.

One of the ongoing violent protests in the U.S has recently affected a Mercedes-Benz showroom where angry protesters damaged so many Mercedes cars worth a huge amount of money.


Angry protesters damage a Mercedes-Benz showroom in the U.S and destroyed many expensive luxury cars

According to reports, the affected Mercedes-Benz dealership is located in Oakland California which is one of the few areas where violent protests and riots are currently being reported. Many videos have surfaced online showing how much the Mercedes dealership was damaged while the vandals used graffiti to leave notes on the walls and on the destroyed cars. The most obvious note reads “Eat the Rich”.

The video below shows the destroyed Mercedes dealership (showroom);

  Eat the Rich': Mercedes Burns as Dealership Heavily Damaged During Oakland Protest

This recent vandalism has led to many controversies about the ongoing protests because there isn’t yet any proven link between the destroyed Mercedes-Benz showroom and the allegedly murdered “black” man.


Geroge Floyd: Mercedes-Benz showroom in the U.S is affected in ongoing protests

Meanwhile, here in Nigeria – similar but different protests are going on as well both on social media and on the streets. A group of protesters on the Island in Lagos protested the Floyd killing. They came under fire due to Nigeria's own viral Uwa rape case, which many commentators felt was more relevant to Nigeria. Protests sparked after reports of a recent incident involving the alleged rape and murder of a young lady who is an undergraduate at the University of Benin.

This saddening incident has led many concerned Nigerians to begin demanding justice for the murdered young lady with the hashtags #SayNoToRapist and #JusticeForUwa.

We hope all the perpetrators of these evil deeds both in the United States and in Nigeria will be brought to book soon. We can't have cars being vandalized just like when Hoodlums vandalized 13 vehicles, steal car parts worth ₦370k in Lagos community

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