Updates on residents' protest over Lagos-Badagry expressway


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See why students and residents of Badagry protested over the bad state of the Badagry-Lagos Expressway which they described as a source of pain and anguish!

The city of Lagos was blessed with a heavy rain on Monday, May 20, 2019, but the blessing turned out to be too much to handle as the rain caused more harm than good, flooding the area and destroying properties.

According to the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA), no fewer than two buildings were brought down by the down pour. Both buildings were located in the Oshodi and Abule Egba areas of the state. LASEMA reported that, thankfully, there was no one in the buildings at the time of collapse as they are already marked off.

The flood led to the falling of poles, and ran into houses, destroying household appliances of residents.


A section of the Lagos-Badagry expressway

As it rained, a crowd of Badagry residents and students of higher institutions trooped out, protesting against the deplorable condition of the Lagos-Badagry Expressway. According to them, the road is a death trap, and has brought pain and sorrow to people especially those living in the area.

In their large numbers, the protesters blocked the roundabout in Badagry, displaying placards with different inscriptions including: “We are not at war, remove checkpoints on our road” and “Our pregnant women are having miscarriages.”

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The concerned protresters on the road

It was gathered that the protest was organized by the Women Arise Initiative, led by their president Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin. According to her, the decision to protest in the rain was not convenient but was done out of necessity. She said it was important to stop the pain and anguish the deplorable road condition had brought upon the people. She further lamented that the bad road was ruining businesses in the area, making it difficult for residents to survive. Pregnant women are not spared as they suffer miscarriages and still births.

“We are seeing our economy ruined, we have seen women having still births; we have seen our road becoming a route to the hospital and the mortuary, the time has come for us to rise up in unity,” she added.

Residents protest against the deplorable state of Lagos-Badagry expressway

In our opinion, the protest is necessary, serving as an alarm to the FG to fix bad roads. According to a recent survey, Nigeria owns some of the worst roads in the world. Such roads was almost completely blocked after heavy downpour. Just a few days ago, heavy rainfall locks Lagos-Badagry expressway in traffic.

Without timely intervention from FG, residents living nearby may risk their lives while travelling through these areas.


The crowd wear yellow T-shirt to easily catch attention


The protest group continues regardless of unfavorable weather condition

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Chris Odogwu
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