[Photos] Check out these production-ready electric cars and buses built by Uganda University Students


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You have got to see these beautiful electric buses and cars that were designed and built by University students in Uganda. Photos are below!

Kiira Motors Corporation is a fast-rising automobile manufacturing company in Uganda, established since the year 2014. This company specializes in making electric cars and aims to champion wealth and job creation through the development of Uganda’s domestic automotive value chain. This company alongside some Uganda University students was able to develop the Kiira EV in 2011, which is the first electric car to be made in Uganda.


Kiira Motors Corporation and Uganda university students made this Kiira EV in 2011

The automobile company, KMC (Kiira Motors Corporation) runs on joint ownership by Makerere University Holdings (4%) and the Government of Uganda (96%). It currently holds so many remarkable records such as;

  • Development of first hybrid vehicle in Africa (2014)
  • Builder of first solar electric bus in Africa (2016)

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Kiira Motors Corporation is currently the leading electric vehicle manufacturer in Africa as a whole

KMC began its journey as far back as the year 2007 when about 31 colleges and universities from all over the world competed in a VDS (Vehicle Design Summit) to develop and design a functional 5-seater PHEV to make the popular Vision 200 car which is targeted at the Indian auto market. Makerere University students, through KMC, were the only African participants in this 3-year project that was led by United States’ renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology. These Uganda students from the College of Engineering, Art, Design & Technology were responsible for the design as well as the integration of Data Networking systems and Low Power electronics into this 5-seater PHEV.


The interior finishing and features in each electric vehicle made by Kiira Motor Corporation is remarkably great

The experience gained by the Makerere University students from working on the Vision 200 PHEV led them to later embark on their own local project, which focused on building and designing an electric car in Uganda itself. By 2011, with the support of the Uganda government, the team was able to successfully complete and also unveil the first electric car in Uganda which was named the Kiira EV.

By the year 2014, Kiira Motor Corporation officially became registered and recognized as a local automobile company owned by Makerere University alongside Ugandan government. This success led to the establishment of its vehicle plant which was projected to help increase the demand for more utilization of natural resources in Uganda. Some of these resources include Cotton, Silica, Cobalt deposits, Lithium, Graphite, Iron ore, Oil and Gas.


This is the Kayoola Solar Bus that is made in Uganda by KMC

As of today, the vehicle plant of KMC is estimated to be currently contributing as much as 940 jobs to Ugandans. Also, the full-scale auto plant is even reported to have created 12,000 indirect jobs and more than 2,000 direct jobs. The company aims to address mobility needs with products ranging from Executive sedans, Pick-Up trucks, SUVs, Buses, all the way to Medium and Light duty trucks.

Check out a short road review of one of KMC’s electric vehicle in the vid below;

  Road Review of the Kiira EV SMACK (Revved Up)

Currently, the 4-seater executive car – Kiira EV, has successfully completed a Nationwide tour of over 3,650km across Uganda and its already available to be pre-ordered.

The KMC’s Kayoola electric buses are already on sale since January 2020 to the general public.

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