New mom Princess Meghan’s car etiquette and car security she must strictly follow


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Life has changed for new mom Princess Meghan but even she may not have expected she can't close her own car door. Find out all she can do in cars according to royal etiquette guide!

When you are a royal, you have to live up to expectations, many high, others just plain crazy. Of course royalty comes with a price not many of us other folks would be willing to pay. Brand new mom, Princess Meghan Markle understood part of this when she became a member of the British royal family. When the 37-year-old married third in line to the British throne, Prince Harry, her life executed a 180 degree turn, and ordinary everyday things suddenly became matters of great national importance. For instance, what she can or cannot do around a car or vehicle. Of course, the following apply to all members of the British ruling house, but courtesy of, here are the car etiquette and car security rules the Princess must follow:


The Queen is a stickler for the old ways, so must all the other royals including Princess Meghan!

1. Never close car door by herself

When the young mum first got married to her royal husband, and she was seen closing the door of her car when she got out; many people freaked out; her security detail especially. This caused an uproar offline and online. While some called her humble, others argued that it was improper. Well, the royal police was not having it and asked her not to do it again, for her own safety. They explained that the cars the royal members use for daily engagements have self-lock doors. Therefore if there was ever a need to get back into the car minutes after alighting from the car, it would impossible from that side after she has shut it. It would make the situation extremely dangerous for her and perhaps baby Archie.


Opps! The Princess shut her car door herself soon after her wedding, her security didn't like it

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2. Not allowed to use seat belts

For the safety of both driver and passengers, the use of seat belts in a car is a matter of course.  Well, newsflash, if you are one of the royal family, then you won't be using one. Princess Meghan and every member of the royal family are not allowed to wear a seat belt. According to their security personnel, this is to allow them to quickly exit their vehicles in emergency situations, which naturally is difficult when you are strapped into seat belts. What we would like to know is, how are they kept safe in a car crash?


British royalty are not allowed to belt up!

3.  Always in chauffeured cars

Unlike the other two above, this is not so new to us. Just as expected, every member of the royals including Princes Meghan won't be driving themselves to any royal event or engagement. This is another security rule that the royals are expected to abide by for their own safety. During emergencies, the royal chauffeurs, who are trained are more experienced in handling the situation better than the royal family. Occasionally, in private, royals may take a spin at the wheel themselves.

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4. Constant police car escort

To ensure the security around them, every royal house member always goes out with a police car escort. Since the royals are always seen making visitations to different people and places, this is a way to make them extra secure whatever the environment. It is no news that the royal family is exposed to threats, especially Harry who has been threatened by neo nazis, who aren't happy he married former Meghan Markle. With Princess Meghan having had her baby, she will need the security the more now to protect little Prince Archie.


Police vehicular escort is compulsory for all royal trips

5. Additional bodyguards and security personnel

Even with chauffeured cars and constant police escort, every member of the royal household is expected to always move about with an extra bodyguard and security personnel. For Princess Meghan, who has always been free to move about the way she had wanted to, this is a difficult but hard to break state of things. The need for this is to help protect the royals from all unforeseen dangers. It is said that each one of the member of the royal family, from the king, queen and others are to travel with at least five armed guards with them all the time.

6. Follow different road routes

If you love to ride through favorite routes because it's faster or for some other reason, you may as well not wear the HRH tittle. For their safety, every member of the royal family is not expected to follow the same route to their destinations all the time. This has become a usual habit for Prince William’s and Princess Kate’s security detail, as wel as that of the Queen. Princess Meghan and her husband and child are expected to follow suit too. Even the young Prince George and Princess Charlotte don't follow the same routes too when coming or going to school. This is to prevent them from being ambushed.


The newly-weds in the honeymoon getaway car! Prince Harry drove! An exception to a rule.

Bonus: Cars that Princess Meghan will ride!

We know the royal family is always selective about the automobiles they use. Prince Meghan is expected to ride some of these cars too. Few of the popular cars we have seen with the royals are:

  • Aston Martin, which Prince William and Kate Middleton rode on their wedding day.
  • Range Rover, which the Queen paraded with during her 90th birthday.
  • The Bentley to St Paul’s Cathedral in London that the Queen rode also on her 90th birthday.
  • Rolls Royce (different models)
  • Volkswagen support cars

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The Queen's official Bentley Limousine, her car collection is worth about $13m

Following these rules has always worked for the royals, and will work for new mom, Princess Meghan too.

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