Royal Keke! Prince William and Kate Middleton go stylishly simple in a tricycle


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What simpler way to grace an official royal visit to Pakistan than in Keke Marwa? Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton did so. See their pictures here!

It is absolutely normal for royalty to arrive at an event in luxury but it becomes more elegant if there is a sudden twist to this narrative. When a member of a royal household decides to turn up at a red carpet event in a Keke Marwa, it becomes stunning simplicity.


Prince Williams and Princess Kate Middleton walking on the red carpet after arriving in a Keke Marwa

A report just reaching us on Naijauto has Prince Williams and Princess Kate Middleton, arriving at a red carpet event last Tuesday, held at the national monument in Islamabad, in a Keke Marwa. Their current visitation to Pakistan is part a 5-day official royal visit, which began on Monday.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge approached and got to the hilltop monument in a Keke Marwa painted with the UK and Pakistani flags. They were both hosted in the country by the British High Commissioner stationed in Pakistan. The government of Pakistan believes that this royal visit to their country will boost tourism and the overall image of the country.

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The Duke of Cambridge stepping out in style from a tricycle during a 5-day royal visit to Pakistan

Auto rickshaw is the official name for the preferred choice of transportation by Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton, which is tagged as a cycle rickshaw’s motorized version. In other parts of the world, it is referred to as Keke Napep, tricycle, Keke Marwa, Tuk-Tuk and among several others.

When you decide to pay a visit to countries such as Sudan, Nigeria, India, South Africa, Gaza and few other countries, you will witness this mode of transport being widely used in most parts of their cities.

In case you didn’t know; Indian Bajaj Auto is the largest manufacturer of tricycle on the planet.

Which royal family do you reckon to arrive in such style to a red carpet event in Nigeria?

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