Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ship Range Rovers from UK to South Africa for their tour


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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are under fire for shipping Range Rovers to South Africa for their tour. What are the reasons for the public reaction?

Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle are currently in South Africa on a Duke and Duchess of Sussex tour. Range Rovers were shipped in from the UK to South Africa for the purpose of transporting the couple in the course of the 10-day tour. 


The Royal family and their entourage during their SA tour (Source Getty Images)

According to reports, the Palace could not find vehicles befitting the royal couple and their daughter Archie, hence, the Range Rovers were shipped in all the way from the UK.

Naijauto found that the said cars which were made available to the family by Jaguar Land Rover were shipped void of taxpayer cost. This is not the first time the automaker is offering vehicles to the royal family for their trips both locally and internationally. It has taken up the responsibility for several decades.


Meghan arriving University of Johannesburg in one of the Range Rovers

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Transporting the cars over 10,000 miles is raising some questions about their anti-environmental pollution activism as they have been very vocal about preserving the environment.

Critics say importing the cars was not necessary as they could have rented suitable cars from several firms in the Southern African country offering some of the best armoured vehicles.

On her University of Johannesburg visit, Meghan arrived in a Range Rover registered in the UK, as seen in photos shared online.


The couple playing with some children at an event in SA

The couple was hugely criticized for taking trips on private jets on four different occasions in a period of eleven days back in August. Critics were of the opinion that they should have used commercial transport in the best interest of the environment. In his defense, the Duke said that the trips on private jets were to ensure the safety of his family.

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He was also reported to have said that he would not have more than two children due to his concerns about changes in climate.

The couple was accompanied by a 14-man entourage, inclusive of their hairdresser and nanny on the Southern African tour.> For more stories about celebrity cars, visit!

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