President Buhari orders Nigeria Customs to release 150 truckloads of rice to all 36 states


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Federal Government orders Nigeria Customs Service to release 150 truckloads of rice seized from smugglers to all the 36 states for COVID-19 lockdown relief.

As part of the promise to offer relief items to poor citizens during the compulsory COVID-19 lockdown; President Buhari has now ordered 150 truckloads of rice to be shared among all 36 states of Nigeria. These truckloads of rice are actually seized from smugglers by the Nigerian Customs Service at the Land borders.

Reports have it that these trucks of seized rice will soon be handed over to the Nigeria Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management & Social Development to begin proper distribution. Below is a screenshot of a tweet by the FG confirming this update;


Federal Government orders Nigeria Customs Service to release 150 truckloads of seized rice to all 36 states

According to reports, President Buhari has already approved the immediate release and sharing of these seized trucks of rice. However, the FMHDSD is yet to release any public statement confirming the receipt of these items from the Nigeria Customs Service. Also, the ministry hasn’t explained how the trucks of rice will be shared effectively to each of the 36 states in Nigeria. This is a plausible move by the President as it seems the Federal Government is considering extending the lockdown beyond 14days.

One interesting part of this update is the fact that the President’s order is coming a week after popular Nigerian actor, known as “RMD” called out the federal government, asking where it had kept all the trucks of food it seized from smugglers in time past. RMD even stated in his open letter to the FG that these seized food items should be distributed to poor Nigerians during this lockdown period while fighting the pandemic. Kudos to the actor for this wonderful suggestion as it seems the government heard him and took action accordingly.

Meanwhile, the federal government has also begun to fumigate popular places in all the major cities of Nigeria starting from the FCT. See a press video below confirming this news:

  Coronavirus Pandemic: FG begins fumigation in FCT | TV360 Nigeria

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