Lagos State Public Works Corporation sues for public understanding as pothole count hits 500 on roads in Ikeja alone


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Given the worsening situation in roads in Nigeria's biggest city, Lagos, the PWC is asking Lagosians to give it more time to fix the potholes ridden roads in the state.

If you live and drive in Lagos, then of course you know one chief problem Nigeria’s center of excellence has is the state of roads.

Using just Ikeja and environs as a case in point, findings by, as reported by PM News, reveals a truly dismal state of inner city roads. All told, the media fact finding team reports 500 plus potholes and craters in spots all over Ikeja. Broken down, the estimates are these:    

  • Oba Akran Road                  130 potholes
  • Akilo Road                            55 potholes
  • Ikosi Road                            48 potholes
  • Agidingbi Road                     20 potholes
  • Obafemi Awolowo Road       36 ptholes

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Apart from these roads with a specific pothole count, other roads are also in a sorry state generally.  These roads include:

  • Opebi Allen Road
  • Toyin Street
  • Billings Way
  • Lateef Jakande


Roads like this have caused lots of accidents, and impede free flow of goods and services

A frustrated car driver had this to say:

 “What the potholes do is that they slow down traffic especially at peak periods”,

However, despite the growing public consternation, the Lagos State Public Works Corporation is asking the state’s residents to collectively exercise more patience and give the PWC time.

The government agency explained that three major problems are currently the issues at stake. First, is the generally dilapidated condition in which the recent administration of Babajide Sanwo-Olu found most arterial roads in the State. Secondly, are the rains, which are especially heavy at present in Lagos, and that hamper all meaningful rehabilitation of roads.

Thirdly the state asphalt facilities situated at Ojodu, Imota and Badagry are only at 50% operational capacity, making it a tug of war to acquire the asphalt needed for road repairs.

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The GM of PWC, Olufemi Daramola however assured all Lagosians that good roads was a focal issue with the new Lagos administration, and that the PWC in compliance with the state government’s stance, was doing everything in its power to ensure good roads. He however advised that residents would need to bear with the Corporation a little more until the end of the rains. He stated that speed of rehabilitation would improve significantly after the rainy season.


Men of the State Public Works Corporation work on a bad road. Too much for one agency?

Mr Olufemi Daramola also opined that some roads in the state will not benefit from any “patch” work, but would require total reconstruction. Such roads include the oplular Oba Akran road, which is strategic to the industrial center of Ikeja.

Lack of a drainage system was also cited as a big problem in certain areas of the state. The PWC head called on drainage service department to deal with the drainage challenges along Ikorodu Road-Mile 12 axis.

The PWC chief observed that the Corporation had taken note of all the problem areas in all LGAs of the state.

 “Some of these roads need total rehabilitation, but the drainages need to be taken care of. Government has taken the issue of drainage seriously and it will be done. When we get to the dry season, work will move at a faster pace.”

Speaking at the same parley organized for media, PWC’s director for civil engineering, Engr. Olayinka Abdul advised that 90 roads had experienced work done in the state in June. She said:

“We have deployed our equipment but rain has made it cumbersome for us. We appeal to Lagosians to give us time as we are doing everything possible to fix the roads,”

One hopes that in a short time, Lagos roads will be ship shape once again.

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