Port Harcourt taxi driver operates windshield wiper with his own hand in heavy rain


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A taxi driver has been captured as he was using his hand to operate his wiper while driving under a heavy downpour. Many opined that the driver should be punished for such dangerous action. Check the video and comments below!

Many commercial drivers in Nigeria take a lot of things for granted when it comes to making their vehicles road-worthy and safe for passengers.

A taxi driver in Port Harcourt has been captured on video using his hand to operate his car's windscreen wiper in the middle of heavy rainfall. It's obvious his wiper isn't working properly to have demanded the manual operation.


The taxi driver resorted to operating the wiper with his left hand


This crazy alternative is endangering the lives of the passengers

The video showed the driver as he was manually operating the wiper with his left hand and driving with the right hands.

Watch the video and read comments below!

How much does it cost to replace a wiper, dear Nigerian commercial driver?

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That's a crazy and dangerous act which Naijauto disapproves of. The driver didn't think for a moment that he might lose control and crash into another vehicle while being distracted by the dysfunctional wiper. How much would it cost him to replace the wiper rather than endangering the lives of his passengers?

The video attracted a lot of criticism online as users took to the comment section to express their displeasure.

See them.


The driver would have parked and wait for the rain to stop, you know


Commercial drivers need to take good care of their vehicles for safety purposes

We know the essence of having a functional wiper during the rainy season because it gives drivers a better view of the road so they don't end up colliding with another car. It's evident some drivers still go ahead to driving their car when their wipers aren't working properly.

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