Brand new Porsches 911 GT2 RS crashes during test drive just a mile from dealership


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A brand new Porsche 911 GT2 RS really took a big hit in a crash involving 5 cars just minutes from the showroom, where it was driven off. The police are investigating the causal factor which is claimed by the test driver to be brake failure. Read on!

It has been reported to us that a newly bought Porsche 911 GT2 RS was severely damaged just a mile from the showroom where it was driven off. This happened just few minutes from the dealership shop.


The image of the crashed brand new Porsche 911 GT2 RS shared online by the police

The brand new luxury vehicle was only taken out for drive test by an undisclosed man in Penarth, Wales when this unfortunate incident occurred.

It is quite difficult to really pinpoint what really happened or blame any party since there is no footage of the whole shocking incident. Reportedly, at least 5 cars have been involved in this crash. Judging from the image, this brand new Porsche really took a big hit. The Porsche crashed into another car, damaging the bumper in the front and the passenger side front fender. From the look of things, it would cost a lot to repair these damages.


The police were quick to the scene of the crash, recovered the affected vehicles and took them in for further investigation

Hywel Williams, a fellow driver, revealed the assertion of the Porsche driver on difficulty with the brake.

He said:

“The guy had only just picked it up from Porsche around the corner and he claimed the brakes failed.”

South Wales Police were swift to action as they quickly removed all the vehicles that were involved in the crash. These vehicles will be used as evidence while investigating the real cause of the accident and the person to be blamed for it. According to reports, nobody sustained injury from the mishap.

Naijauto also learnt that in just a few months ago, October to be precise, a silver and black Porsche 911 GT2 RS was captured crashing into a very exclusive Pagani Huayra BC in Italy during a track day at Monza F1 circuit. Looks like the car took more hit; making it more severe than what was just experienced in Wales.

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