Porsche busted, obliged to pays 242 billion naira fine over diesel cheating


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Porsche, a Volkswagen unit is set to pay a whooping sum of 242 billion naira for cheating the diesel emission test. Click here for full details!

Looks like the rod is not going to be spared for any automobile giant anytime soon as German prosecutor fines the German luxury automaker Porsche AG, a unit under the Volkswagen Group, a sum of 598 million euros (₦242b) as a punishment for deficiency in supervisory responsibilities, which made it possible for them to manipulate the diesel emission tests.

Last Tuesday, prosecutors within the southern city in Stuttgart made it known that development department in the company had been found wanting in its legal duties, which consequently resulted to spewing of excessive pollution levels from those manufactured diesel using cars.

Before this recent fine, few fines had been levied against Porsche, among which was the billion euro penalty for lapse in management from the prosecutors in Braunschweig and a fine levied against Audi, another unit under the company, of 800 million euros last year in Munich, Germany.


Porsche and all persons involved in this diesel emission test cheat will be dealt with by the authorities

It was disclosed by the US authorities on the company’s systematic cheating of emission test on 18 September 2015. Consequently, this ignited the biggest scandal case in the long history of the company till date, which cost Volkswagen a total sum of 30 billion euros in fines and other forms of penalties.

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Diesel using cars which failed at conforming to rules of clean airs and emission tests manipulation were sold to the market by Volkswagen and other units such as Audi and Porsche.

Porsche Fined $598 Million

Individual engineers have been chased after by the German authorities and actions have been taken against the affected companies for not having foresight via their management failure in preventing heavy polluting cars from plying various roads in Europe.

According to the prosecutors, Porsche has not made any attempt to appeal against their findings. However, the fine was acknowledged by Porsche and they believe the proceedings by the prosecutors had come to an abrupt end.

The prosecutors also believe that the ongoing proceedings against individual persons are not hindered in any way by the fine.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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