Porsche owner pays ₦14 m fine to get back his impounded car


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A Porsche owner in India has been slapped with a ₦14 million fine just to get his impounded car back Will you pay the fine if it were you? Read the story!

Has your car ever been impounded over your inability to produce valid documents or for another reason? If it has, then you sure know the heavy fine you paid to get it back.

But it can't be compared to this!

A Porsche 911 owner has paid Rs 27.68 lakh (₦14,141,779.12) as fine to get back his sports car which was impounded for his inability to produce its valid document and also, driving it since 2017 without registration.


The Porsche owner couldn't produce the car's valid document

The fine culminated as a result of pending taxes, interest and the penalty.

Ranjit Desai, the owner of the Porsche worth Rs 2 crore (₦102 million) paid the hefty penalty to Ahmedabad Regional Transport Office and went back to the traffic police with the receipt and got his Porsche back.

A picture of the RTO receipt was shared by Ahmedabad Traffic West Police on its Twitter handle. There, they claimed the RS 27.68 lakh paid was the highest fine ever levied in India.

The tweet said,

RTO slaps a fine of total ₹27.68 Lakh on Porsche Car which was detained during a routine check by Ahmedabad Traffic West Police for not having required documents. One of the highest fine amount levied in the country ever


This is one of the highest fine amount ever levied in India, said the traffic police

Mr. M B Virja, the police sub-inspector who detained the Porsche said the driver didn't present any valid document.

He said,  

This car was imported in 2017. Though the owner had initially registered the vehicle in Haryana, the number plates were missing when the car was impounded. Since the car is now in Gujarat, the RTO calculated the life time tax, interest on unpaid tax and penalty at ₹27.68 lakh. The owner took back his car on Tuesday after showing us the receipt                                                                           

He added that,

We had therefore detained the car and issued an RTO memo under the Motor Vehicles Act. This means that he has to deposit the penalty with the RTO and come to us with a receipt to get back the vehicle

Naijauto gathered that the initial fine imposed was Rs 9.8 lakh (₦5 million) but when Desai went to pay, the RTO officer dug up old records and slapped Rs 27.68 lakh fine on him.

The receipt showed the Porsche owner paid Rs 16 lakh(₦8 million) as motor vehicle tax, Rs 7.68 lakh(₦4 million) as interest on the unpaid tax, then Rs 4 lakh(₦2 million) as a penalty.


The Porsche 911 was being driven by the owner since 2017 without a number plate

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