2 men died after speeding Porsche flew to 2nd floor of a nearby building


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A Porsche convertible crash has killed its occupants after flying through the air and plunging into the second floor of a building in New Jersey. See pics of the tragic accident below!

A Porsche car that was driven by a young man ended up flying through the air and plunging into a room on the second floor of an office building in New Jersey, killing its two occupants on the spot.


The Porsche hit an embankment before flying into the air and launching into the second floor

Reports gathered by Naijauto say, the driver, 22-year-old Braden DeMartin, was driving the convertible Porsche in New Jersey when he lost control. The car was said to have gone airborne after it hit an embankment, flying into the building.

Braden was inside the car with Daniel Foley, age 23 when the incident happened, killing both of them on the spot.


Daniel was at the passenger's seat while Braden was driving the Porsche when the incident happened

No one knows how fast Braden was driving when he lost control of the Porsche which was valued at $50,000 (₦18 million)

Friends of the two dead guys took to Facebook to mourn their untimely demise.

One wrote, 

"RIP Braden DeMartin and Dan Foley. Will never forget the days we spent on the golf course together. Always made everything more fun."                                                                              

Another friend posted,

"I can’t believe it another 2 of my childhood friends gone bro I remember when we used to scooter and bike at the incline club and had no problems or worries I never saw this coming bro."

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The incident totaled the Porsche car while the building it flew into was structurally damaged. The building was housing four businesses, among which are a real estate company and counseling service.


The car was totally wrecked in the accident


The remains of the Porsche car after the crash

According to building inspectors, the building will be demolished because of the effect of the crash on it.

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