Porsche Exclusive manufactured 7 Porsche 959s for a sheikh, including a golden version!


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Some people are lucky enough to afford a spectacular Porsche collection but very few of them have more than one 959 in their fleet. Not this guy. See his exclusive Porsche collection!

In 2019, the Porsche Exclusive celebrated its 33rd anniversary since it officially started crafting vehicles that are specially designed for wealthy customers.

The automaker made specially designed cars even before setting up its bespoke car division, for clients whose desires must be granted. One of the examples of such was the creation of the 935 1983 Street one-off as a special request from Monsour Ojjeh.


The golden Porsche 959 was one of the seven bespoke models made for Sheikh Abdul Aziz

Porsche Exclusive was able to run from 1986 onwards on all cylinders, which finally came in handy in 1989 when the unusual order from Sheikh Abdul Aziz Khalifa, was fulfilled by the bespoke division of Porsche. The Sheikh asked the car manufacturer to produce 7 units of 959s for him as new additions to his collection. Part of the request was that all the cars must come in different colours.

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All the seven 959s were built with matching exterior and interior colours, as requested by the owner

The order and the entire production process as at that time were kept secret till after many years after it was completed.

Porsche in 2011 celebrated its 25th birthday anniversary and got permission from the Sheikh to display one of the 7 bespoke models, precisely the golden model at the museum owned by the automaker, as part of special exhibit.

For the displayed bespoke model, apart from its gold-coloured paint, it came fitted with matching alloys, beige and green underlining the vehicle’s waistline, pinstriping in brown and gold-plaited tailpipes. On the inside, it offers similar colour on the dashboard, steering wheel, leather seats, carpets and headliner. The coat of arms belonging to the family of the owner is also displayed in gold and emblazoned on gear stick cover and steering wheel.


Porsche and the owner had an obligation to be discreet about the seven 959s production until years after


The only obvious color difference you would find on the interior are beige, green and brown accents on its seats, and also red wood trim on the handbrake lever, gear shift lever and dash.

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Porsche 959: A Supercar Years Ahead Of Its Time

The porsche 959, which is a top performance production car, comes powered with 2.8-liter twin-turbocharged flat-6 engine with an output of 444 horsepower and 369 pound feet of torque. It offers 6-speed manual transmission and a peak speed of 197 mph.

It is pretty difficult to see many people owning more than one 959 model in their collection. It is quite outstanding for a man to own seven of those.

Check below for more pictures:


The gold-coloured Porsche 959 comes finished with gold steering wheel and dashboard


Although the major colour for the interior is gold but made use of different colour blend for its seats and dash


All the 7 porsche 959 have their unique colour finish such as this red porsche

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