We are unfortunate enough not to see these 5 Porsche concept cars make mass production


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The birth of one car oftentimes involves the eradication of many unknown prototypes. Here are 5 of them, all straight out of Porsche R&D department.

Producing a car is no easy task. It's not a sole matter of design and molding and forming metals into shape. It has to count on many factors such as the aerodynamical aspect, bodywork, total weight, and countless other things. In fact, when a model is launched into the market, it often needs to go through multiple rigorous testings and modeling, no matter how perfect it looks on the blueprint or how good the calculation. With that in mind, there are many testing models that precede a car presented to the public.

Today, we'll here at Naijauto.com be talking about the famous German brand, Porsche and Porsche's 5 concept cars which never make it to mass production.

1. The Porsche 984

With a relatively lightweight and a beautifully designed aerodynamical shape, this 900kg roadster could be able to reach the top speed of over 210 km/h despite its rather limited power engine, 133hp.


The smart design allows this 984 to travel relatively fast despite its humble engine power

2. The Porsche Cayenne Cabrio

This one is considered the inspiration for the first generation of the Porsche Cayenne, the Porsche Cayenne Cabrio has a unique design at the rear, where a vertical line separates different designs on the left and right side. It also comes with a Targa top, which is a semi-convertible car body style with a removable roof section and a full-width roll bar behind the seats. 


The car simultaneously shows 2 different designs of the read end

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3. The Porsche 1987 911 Carrera 3.2 Speedster

Suffer the same consequence with the Porsche Cayenne Cabrio, this car never made it into the market. When we look at this car for the first time, it reminds us of a specific model from McLaren, the 2009 Mercedes McLaren SLR Stirling Moss, but this car was fortunate to be mass-produced. In addition, the cockpit design also inspires the one in the 1950 550 Spyder.


This open design gives the car a smooth look from the outside

4. The Porsche Panamericana

This one is intended to be a gift for the founder of Porsche, Ferry Porsche, with a retractable roof that can be withdrawn into the trunk. Its production took only a few months from start to finish (maybe it was the founder's birthday?). 


The prototype was a present to the founder of the Brand, Ferry Porsche

5. The Porsche 918 Spyder "Rolling Chassis"

The 918 Spyder "Rolling Chassis" was the unknown sibling of the legendary 918 Spyder in 2012. On the test track, some journalists got the first impression of how the plug-in hybrid has been applied to a car. This has paved the way for the 918 Spyder later on.


This was shown to some selective journalists after the booming debut of the 918 Spyder

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