Road to the future! Porsche partners with Boeing to make flying cars for the rich


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Porsche has teamed up with Boeing, one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world, in designing flying cars for the super rich, at least for the beginning. They even succeeded in testing some of their potential products. Read on!

Just when we were wrapping our heads around the reality of rich folks toys, the luxury automaker, Porsche, has decided to surprise us more by announcing its partnership with world renowned aircraft manufacturer, Boeing, in building a luxury flying car for the super-rich people on the planet.


The rich are set to be free from long traffic as Porsche with Boeing builds a premium VTOL flying car

By implication, we believe rich people will soon have the ultimate machine that will take them off heavy traffic that plagues many highly populated cities in the world. This vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft-like vehicle will be powered by electricity and will be the companies’ attempt at exploring the risky urban air mobility market.

To cement this partnership, a non-exclusive memorandum has been signed by the parties involved, which implies that no party is locked in the binding agreement. Part of the agreement is the collaborative effort of Porsche and Boeing to create a global team that will look into the aspects of urban air mobility and premium use of this flying car.

This new concept will be not used by the public but specially designed for the affluent. Although, several auto brands are right at the middle of designing public air taxis for the masses, this could be a very serious financial situation since building a VTOL aircraft is most likely going to be very costly. Why not start with the rich, who can easily afford one?

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Dmonstrations carried out on the VTOL aircraft at the company’s test site in Manassas, Virginia

The Aurora Flight is a subsidiary of Boeing and will work together with Porsche in manufacturing this luxury electric-powered flying vehicle that will be able to take short flying hops across cities.

Based on the resources needed to pull this off, Naijauto is quite certain that this strong partnership between Porsche and Boeing will be a huge success. We hope to see this creation soon in the air.

Which rich man comes to mind when you think of this luxury flying car roaming in Nigeria?

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