Porsche 911 to get new Heritage Design Packages 2020


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Porsche is truly set to crush it next year by introducing a new Heritage Design Package for the Porsche 911. See photos and details here now!

From the recent Auto Show in New York, Naijauto has gotten some beautiful photos of the showcased Porsche 911 Speedster that really gives everyone a sneak peek of the upcoming “Heritage Design Package” which the automaker will be featuring in most of its future lifestyle vehicles.

Porsche has specifically said that the year 2020 will see the addition of its new special models of vehicles that will be featuring this new “Heritage Design Package”. As a part of this package, the new 911 will be featuring several elements directly brought back from its previous models of decades ago.

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2019 Porsche 911 Speedster Heritage Design Package Interior & Engine Sound

Porsche AG’s Director of Exclusive Manufaktur Vehicles, Boris Apenbrink said:

"To us, it is vital to transport the brand’s values into the future. Heritage Design models represent an intentional addition to contemporary hybrid and electric vehicles as part of which technical innovations are in the focus,"


Porsche is bringing back the “oldies” vibe into a blend with the new age with its Heritage Design Package

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One question that you might want to ask at this point is: What makes the new Porsche Heritage Design Package special? We’ll explain below;

The Porsche vehicles that will come with this package will not only have special paintwork on them but also contain a really exquisite textile type of highlight in their interiors. Some of such elements include the Pasha Pattern, Pepita Pattern, Tartans and  are redesigned in a way to match some models.

Porsche’s Interior Design Style director, Ivo van Hulten said:

"Old colour and equipment cards, museum vehicles, design elements from the corresponding era – we took all this as our inspiration to reinterpret the design language of the past,"

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