Fabulously-done Porsche 356 Limousine is set for auction in September


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Who do you reckon to win the auction of this beautifully converted Porsche 356 Limousine as it is gets set for auctioning on September 27 by RM Sotheby? See the pics of this masterpiece below!

One of the most unique and shocking automotive works of creation at no reserve is going under the hammer. The Porsche 356 for the 1953 model year had just undergone a conversion into a stretch limousine.

This Porsche Limousine is among the automobile collection of Taj Ma Garaj and is set to be auctioned on 27 September by RM Sotheby.


How much will this classic fetch at auction soon?

The conversion, which is of very high quality, was executed by Don Boeke of Egyptian Custom Body in Dayton, Ohio despite the Reutter badging on its body. The late owner of Taj Ma Garaj collection, John Dixon, was in charge of commissioning this car for the wedding of his daughter.

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The custom-made Porsche 356 Limousine is a true definition of art, style and luxury

The Porsche 365 Limousine is based on the concept of 356 Pre-A Coupe, which was initially in a very bad condition as the floors were rotten completely but the body panels of the exterior were still in a good state. This makes it a perfect candidate for conversion.


A number of auto shops worked together to make this happen

Cutting and painting, which are body-related works, were carried out by the Egyptian Custom Body while the interior design was outsourced to different shops. Additionally, the air-cooled flat-four from 912 was used to replace the original engine, hereby offering the limousine more power to handle the extra weight. The converted Porsche 356 Limousine also had air suspension installed.

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This amazing interior design was revamped from a sorry state

For the interior, it looks amazing just like a proper limousine should definitely look like. It comes with compartments as suicide door is placed on the cell for rear passengers, with plenty of space for the two occupants and their luggage. Analog temperature reader, clock champagne holder and flutes are features present on the divider.

Dia Show Tuning Porsche 356 Limousine by Taj Ma Garaj 2019

This rare Porsche 356 Limousine appears elegant on the outside and the cabin, and we cannot but wait for the amount potential collectors will be ready to pay in winning the bidding war.

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