This 2-year-old boy who can distinguishes between spanner sizes will make an aircraft engineer


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Can you believe it? I do!

Facebook’s filters are fantastic. As a heavy Facebook user, I get a news feed that always filled with stories that spark my interest. Yesterday I came across a touching post that I would like to share with you.

It was posted by an FB account named John Nta. His uploaded photo of a man and his son whole-heartedly fixing a Keke, is captioned with a short interview with the dad whose son is able to distinguish between many different spanner sizes.

The dad shared that his desire is to bring up his son to be an aircraft engineer and lift the family out of poverty.

It happened in Akwa Ibom State and here the post.

John Nta's post on Facebook of dad and his boy fixing a keke

Read the post of a dad and his son fixing a Keke on Facebook

When I spotted them, I became curious and went to interview the mechanic.

….There and then, he told the boy to get him 10 spanner, I was shocked to see this 2 years old boy fiddle through the tool box and brought out number 10 spanner for the dad.

Is it proper to do this??????🤔🤔

In another development, celebrities' kids have their own supercars from even at very young ages. What do you make of this?

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