Okada riders invade Sokoto airport runway to welcome arriving political leader


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Flows of motorcycles made the airport their own show with the insane celerity of movement.

I was tricked at the first sight when watching this video. I thought it could be some strange highway in Nigeria that some motorbike-racing groups illegally evaded the car lanes in a competition. Later I found out that it was the runway in the Sokoto AirPort.

Sokoto Residents take over airport runway with Okada to hail popular Politician​

The incident was confirmed to be an invasion the motorbikers made to welcome their on-board political leaders.

Flows of motorcycles made the airport their own show with the insane celerity of movement. It turned out the show was performed as a special gift to the arriving leaders in the plane.

Some were so excited that they waved to the plane which bewildered the crew and one of the pilots pulled out his phone to record the awkward moments happening.

Same Adurogboye, General Manager of Public Affair at NCCA (Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority) said the matter is being under investigation.

Riders invade the Sokoto Airport

Footage from the video recording riders invade the Sokoto Airport

The footage of the video from a distance

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