Refusing to bribe police, a driver along Owerri-Nta was stripped naked


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The Nigeria police have now resorted to humiliating drivers for refusing to bribe them with the amount they requested for. See as they stripped this driver naked after beating him!

The news of the Nigerian police and bribe-taking is becoming louder and brutal. No day passes without them making the headlines for the wrong reason. Lately, motorists and commuters shared their experience on how the police harass and extort them at various checkpoints across the country.

Right now, the latest news making rounds shows that the Nigerian police have taken their harassment to another level.


The Policeman was caught on camera as he was beating the driver

A Nigeria policeman was captured on camera as he was beating a driver and then resorted to stripping him naked too for refusing to bribe him and his colleagues with the specific amount of money they requested from the driver.

Naijauto gathered that the incident happened along Owerri-Nta. The passengers who were at the checkpoint confirmed the reason for the beating. They said the policemen wanted more money than what the driver gave them.

The driver was subjected to public humiliation for refusing to give in to their request.


The driver refused to give them the amount they requested from him and he was beaten up


Passengers had to watch the police beat up their driver and delay their journey


And here's the moment his clothes were stripped off him...poor dude!

We just hope the appropriate quarters address this situation.

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