[Viewer discretion] Police shot truck driver dead for ₦100 bribe refusal in Ondo


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A truck driver plying Owo in Ondo State was allegedly shot dead for refusing police on duty a ₦100 bribe on Monday. Many people died later because of the clash between police and Hausa men nearby. See the full story here!

It was indeed a very sad and unforgettable day for passengers taking Owo route in Ondo, last Monday, when a truck driver was allegedly shot dead by police over a ₦100 bribe refusal.


The truck driver died instantly after he was allegedly shot in the head by the police officer along Owo road

From eye witnesses’ reports, the police officer alongside his colleagues on stop and search duty, stopped the truck driver, requested for a bribe of ₦100 which the truck driver refused blatantly to give out. This refusal however let to hot exchange of words, which prompted the police officer to allegedly open fire on the driver. The bullet went right straight into the head of the truck driver, and died instantly from the spot. Consequently, this incident led to severe traffic gridlock along that road.


The tragic incident on Monday in Ondo State resulted in traffic gridlock along the route

From what we learnt on Naijauto, there hasn’t been any reaction so far from the Ondo State police prior to the unfortunate incident.

Commuters Traumatized As Policeman Shoots Driver For Refusing To Give Him Bribe

Recently, Mercy-Blossom Oyisi, one of the eyewitnesses, went on her Facebook page and shared this:

"Something happened not quite long, I've always heard about it but never experienced it. A police man killed a truck driver because of #100, the Hausa guys around started shooting randomly because one of them was killed, we ran into the bush when we started hearing gunshots.
There are dead people due to the shooting between the Hausa guys and the police men. One mama in our bus was shot while we were running. I've not recovered, still shivering.

Because of #100 o, how are some people different from animals?"

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