Watch this police robot pull a car over just like a real police officer!


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Robots are changing the ways humans interact and the world of traffic control is not left behind in this technological advancement. A police robot, robocop has been designed by SRI to pull over and issue tickets to motorists as safely as possible, saving both the cop and motorist from danger. See how it works below!

It is common to see robots taking pictures, stacking boxes and delivering packages. Now it appears they may be introduced onto our roads to stop traffic and improve safety.

SRI International, an American nonprofit organization has developed a prototype it calls “police robot" and its intended purpose is to serve as a traffic stop robocop to prevent road accidents that happens when the police pulls motorists over.

1. The inception of police robot

As reports reach Naijauto, Reuben Brewer brainstormed this idea and the inception of the prototype began in his garage. He is currently a senior robotics engineer at the nonprofit, SRI International.

According to the engineer from Applied Technologies and Science Department,

“With such dangerous interactions between people, maybe it’s time to send a robot in between them, one that can’t hurt or be hurt,”

“Our robot goes between people to keep everyone safe.”

Police-robo- pulls-over-a-motorist

Robocop was built by SRI to change the way motorists get pulled over around the world

This company sits at the forefront of innovation, shaping our current day and future. SRI’s 70 years in research and development of modern technology has helped create new industries, spending billions of dollars in other to create lasting solutions for the society.

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2. How does this police robot work on road?

The police robot designed by this nonprofit research institute enables police officers to converse and interact with motorists directly from their car. It is even equipped with spike strips that automatically deploy to deter drivers from speeding away during the interrogations or after being stopped until the protocol is completed.

The bot slides out from the front of the police vehicle and is the first point of contact between the driver and the cop. The driver can show documents and credentials to the camera attached to the bot. Then if the officer decides to issue a ticket, it will be printed from the body of the robot.

From the video, it is clear that the police robot is operated from the police vehicle without the cop stepping out. The bot is equipped with a camera, and a printer that prints the traffic ticket for violators. The robot is attached to a rod that extends forward from an officer’s car to the motorist’s window, without either leaving their vehicles. This ensures a seamless issuance of traffic tickets.

Police robot helps to control traffic & pull cars over

Further development of the prototype is still ongoing and its next generation design will feature stowing at the front of the car, access to both driver and passenger windows,and ability to be controlled and operated using a mobile application.

This traffic robocop has all the tools it requires to successfully control traffic stops without running the risk of causing injuries or deaths.

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3. Why was this police robot invented?

Annually, over 16.9 million drivers are pulled-over in traffic, in which 195,000 motorists are forced physically. Meanwhile, 4,488 officers are assaulted in such confrontations, resulting in the deaths of 89 of those motorists and 11 of those officers.

On American roads, there is about 50,000 anxiety-provoking and nerve wrecking encounters between cops and drivers daily. And in Nigeria, not just one time police and motorists are in clash due to misunderstanding in traffic.

This interaction between drivers and police continue to grow in danger and therefore is it eminent that a robot is sent in between them because it cannot be hurt or hurt.


Unwanted arguments between police & motorists can be reduced with this bot

Thanks to the police bot, the conversation can remain cordial and civil between the driver and the police as both parties are protected from harm thereby relieving unnecessary tension and anxiety. People get unpredictable when they are scared, making it a danger to themselves and others. When we are scared, we tend to make mistakes. Imagine how safe the interaction would be when no one is pulling or gun at you, standing above you in a threatening or confrontational gesture?

This simple machine could curb the deadly confrontation between police officers and motorists. Generally, it was created as a solution to saving lives, improving law enforcement and citizen safety on our roads and overall proving lasting benefits to our society.

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