Police officer took ₦​​​​​​​10,000 bribe from motorist & lied to colleagues he only got ₦​​​​​​​5,000 (video)


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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See the viral video of a police officer who was captured as he was lying to his colleagues over the phone about the money he received from a driver!

Most Nigerians have come to accept bribe-taking by the Nigerian police and army as a norm. A lot of cases where some officers were captured on camera taking bribe at different checkpoints across the country have been featured on Naijauto.

However, what Nigerians are yet to see is an officer who was lying to his colleagues over the phone about the amount of money he took from a motorist.

The four-minute video showed the officer sitting beside a driver and having a back and forth conversation over how much the motorist should give him.

The police officer requested for ₦20,000 but the driver was trying to give him ₦15,000 and begging that the amount be reduced to what he can afford. After a while of discussion, the officer agreed with the amount of ₦10,000. However, he called his colleague and told that the driver only gave him ₦5,000.

The driver was also asked to tell other officers the same lie as well.


The officer lied to his colleagues over the phone that he took ₦5,000 only from a motorist

The video which captured this moment has since gone viral after it surfaced online.

See the video.

Nigerian police took bribe from car driver and lied to his colleague

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Nigerians who saw the video expressed their views.

See some of them.

Chike: This one is messed up o!

otp_exclusive: Nigerian police are comedian

Fore thinker: Sack letter loading.....

Pavore 9: There is no honour among thieves, thus honesty is not expected of him.

Bushhunter: Someone just lose his job

Blackjewelry: i wonder what they are thought in the police academy because they all act the same

Actuarydeji: Instead of the Nigerian government to reorient the Nigerian Police in respect to crime, they are busy arresting some Innocent citizen that earn legitimately.

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