Watch video of a police officer scratching a guy's Lamborghini in Lagos traffic


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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Lamborghini is an expensive whip that you don't get to see often on the road. Check out the moment a police officer scratched a Lamborghini in Lagos traffic

The Lamborghini is an ultra-luxury sports car that depicts class and affluence, not the everyday type of car you always see on the streets of Lagos. So sighting one is a rarity.

A video has surfaced online showing the moment a policeman scratched a guy's Lamborghini in Lagos traffic.


The white Lamborghini was scratched by a police Hilux trying to maneuver through the gridlock

The guy who recorded the hilarious video was showing off the luxurious Lamborghini whips he spotted while driving in Lagos. As he went on filming them, one of the Lamborghini got stuck in Lagos traffic and a police Hilux van trying to maneuver through the gridlock came and scratched the Lamborghini.


The Lamborghini owner arguing with the police inside a Hilux

It was as if the recorder predicted that such would happen because before the incident happened, he was heard telling a trailer driver not to hit the Lamborghini else his kidney will be sold to fix


The costly incident has finally ended in peace

Here, watch the video as posted on Naijauto.

You don't need to be told how expensive fixing a Lamborghini is

Social media users who saw the video reacted to it.

Let's check out some of their reactions.

Life map empire: Poster, you be man wey sabi... Correct coverage! We are sending you to Sambisa forest to cover happenings for

Bigval5: You Don buy market be that.. grin

Dadaboy: Driving Lamborghini on Lagos/most Nigerian roads ?Is that not a foolish decision?

purehoney: Chaiiii....This a case of, "You dOn hit my car... Oyinbo repete "....Undoubtedly, Poverty is a sin oooh... See how the Nigga dashed the policeman better slap.

Baba God please pick up our call oooh.. Make we buy dz kinda car and even the one wey big pass am real soon.

wayne22: You don scratch my car
The camera man is a clown
But he shouldn't have slap the police.

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