Police nab man attempting to flee car accident by swimming across canal


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A 21-year-old man was recently arrested by the police in Coral Springs for trying to escape car accident by swimming across the canal. See the full story!

People would do anything to escape the accident scene, especially when it was caused by reckless driving or flouting of simple traffic rules. Such was the case of a man in Coral Springs who allegedly attempted to avoid being prosecuted for causing road accident by taking unplanned swimming adventure. From what we learnt, the 21-year-old man ran off to one Wawa store close by to get a drink before trying to swim across a canal to escape the scene.


The 21 year-old Kacper Salata who attempted to flee car accident in Coral Springs

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The event according to report took place on the 24th of October, 2020 at the intersection of Rock Island Road and Sample Road. The BMW driver was heading west on Sample Road at the time another Nissan driver was going towards North on the Rock Island Road. From the witness’s report, the Nissan driver went against the traffic light, thereby crashing into the BMW car.

As a result of this road crash, the driver of the BMW car identified as Dorien Wrenn was injured. In another unfortunate event that took place recently when an Instagram Influencer was arrested by the police for crashing his Lamborghini into a Skoda, killing driver.

Meanwhile, here is the shocking video of a moment when a man clinged to the hood of a car after the driver tried to flee from the crash. Watch the clip below.

Man Clings to Hood of Car After Driver Tries to Flee From Crash: Cops

Fortunately for the police, the fleeing driver was spotted attempting to swim across a canal before he was finally arrested. The police has detained and charged Salata for leaving the scene of the accident with a possible injury. He was also charged for driving against the red traffic light. We were also made to understand from the police report that the Nissan driver disclosed he ran off the scene because he was scared.

The injured driver of the BMW car was later taken to the Broward Health Coral Spring for head pains treatment, later to be released. According to Wrenn, he was approached by strange person after the accident, who offered to help with the cost of the damages. He was unable to remember the identity of the ‘Good Samaritan’ when asked by the police.

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