Bauchi police nab notorious car snatcher who stole govt's Hilux truck


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Serial car snatcher in Bauchi meets his waterloo by falling into the hands of the police after he allegedly stole a government-owned pickup truck recently.

It’s a popular saying in Nigeria that “Every day is for the thieves but one day is for the owner”. This is exactly the case for a serial car snatcher in Bauchi State that recently met his waterloo after allegedly stealing a government-owned Toyota Hilux truck. Yes, you read that correctly – he allegedly stole a truck belonging to the state government. Unbelievable, right?


This is the face of the notorious car snatcher recently arrested in Bauchi state after allegedly stealing a govt truck

According to Police Command in Bauchi state, the suspect is identified as one Abdullahi Mohammed and he is reportedly well-known for snatching cars at different locations across Bauchi.

This report was conveyed through DSP Mohammed Ahmed Wakil – the spokesman of the Nigerian police in Bauchi State in his recent press statement on Tuesday 22nd of September.


The suspected car snatcher was reportedly arrested with 3 master keys and 2 other keys for Toyota Hilux pickup trucks

The spokesman for Bauchi State police disclosed in his public statement that the suspect is 35 years old and he was arrested by police operatives while trying to dismantle the key of a stolen Toyota Hilux pickup truck.

The police spokesman went further to reveal that the stolen truck actually belongs to the state government house in Bauchi and it was recovered with a number plate that reads BA-344-A01. Also, the suspect was confirmed to have been interrogated and has confessed to his multiple crimes relating to car snatching.

From his confession, the police claimed that he attested to being a professional car snatcher and has so far stolen many vehicles including models like the Honda Civic and Toyota cars.

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