Police IG warns against use of cars on election day Feb 16th, 2019


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The Inspector General of Nigeria Police Force had just released a statement prohibiting Nigerians from using their vehicle between 6am till 6pm on election day. Check here

Election period in Nigeria has never been totally peaceful as different parties engage in all sorts of practices, desperate and violent means to achieve their political aim. This is why security is always a challenge around every time of election. Prior to the presidential election that is coming up today, Feb 16, 2019, there is need for all security hands to be on deck as people go out in numbers to cast their votes for their preferred candidate.

So, expect a restriction of movement of cars tomorrow, which is the day of election. In a recent statement released by the Nigerian Inspector General of Police, the restriction on car movement is an effort to ensure public order, safety, national security and well-being of the public in relation to the scheduled presidential election which is to take place on Saturday, 16th of January, 2019.


No car will be allowed to move around certain time on the election day

Police IG, Adamu Mohammed stated that the vehicular restriction will take an effect from 6:00 a.m in the morning of the election till 6:00 p.m same day. He also assured the electorates of their safety and a peaceful environment and urged them to go out in number to exercise their voting rights and select their candidate. He said all security operatives have been assigned to different units in the country to enforce law and order.

He believes the reason for this vehicular restriction is to allow a smooth electoral process by preventing hijacking or disruption of electoral activities by political thugs or hoodlums.


The IGP urges people go out in numbers to cast their votes

The Inspector General of Police expressed his regret on the discomfort of such restriction on the Nigerian citizens. He promised to deal ruthlessly with anyone caught in criminal act during the election. He therefore warned people against buying or selling of their votes, engaging in hate speech and circulating wrong news around. Anyone caught in the act will made to face the full wrath of the law.

See What The Nigeria IG Of POLICE Plans Are For The Elections Day

We hope here on Naijauto that your registered polling unit is not too far from your home. Getting there to cast your vote might be a bit challenging since no car is allowed to move.

Stay safe & Exercise your voting right!

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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