Police officer allegedly hits car & assaults its owner for demanding apology


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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A man has cried out online after a police officer allegedly hit his car and assaulted him for demanding apology. He shared pictured as proof. Check them out!

A young man, Adetunji Gbadebo, has called out an officer of the Nigeria Police Force on social media for hitting his Toyota car and proceeding to brutalize him simply because he demanded an apology for the bashed car.


The injury on his head was allegedly inflicted by the police officer with his pistol

Narrating the encounter on Twitter with the username @t_GAF123, the man revealed that his only offence was that he complained and asked for an apology after the mobile police officer hit his car from behind. He further alleged that the officer hit him on the head with his pistol.

In the pictures posted alongside his tweets, Gbadebo is seen with an injury on his head, dripping blood. The bashed car is also shown in the pictures.

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An image of the damaged car

A day hardly passes without motorists calling out security operatives for various alleged misconducts. With social media, the masses now have a medium to air their experiences to the world at large.

Naijauto cannot verify the victim’s claims. We will update further details if have.

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