Police catches 9-foot king cobra hiding in the glove compartment of a minivan


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The king cobra in the video measures up to 2.8m (~9ft) and weighs 4.1 kg.

​A recent a video by CCTV featuring a police officer removing a king cobra from a minivan has taken the Chinese media by storm. King cobras are the longest venomous snakes in the world and hate encountering humans. The king cobra in the video measuring up to 2.8m (~9ft) and weighing 4.1 kg was spotted under the driver’s seat by the vehicle's owner who had been shopping in a nearby market.

police confining a snake

The king cobra in the video measures up to 2.8m (~9ft) and weighs 4.1 kg

When the police arrived at the scene (in Yongren county Yunnan province, Southwest China), the snake had already crawled into the glove compartment. However, the new shelter couldn’t help it escape police’s specialized tongs. After getting the king cobra under control, he kept it in a snake mesh cage and headed for the nearest wildlife preservation department.

Video: Police Catch King Cobra in Minivan in Southwest China

This was not the first time Yunnan province reported a king cobra taking a car as its shelter. Last year, another 10-foot got ejected from another vehicle’s engine compartment and later released into a jungle nearby.

Do you think it is advisable for those who live in areas inhabited by snakes to take actions to deal with this? Check out our article Snakes in the car: A summer nightmare for the explanation for the phenomenon and what to do to prevent it. 

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