Police arrest Instagram influencer for crashing his Lamborghini into a Skoda, killing driver


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Navid Alpha, an Instagram influencer, has reportedly crashed his Lamborghini Aventador S into a Skoda, leading to the death of the driver. See full story!

According to the new report reaching us, a popular Instagram influencer in Germany was arrested by the police after he crashed his Lamborghini Aventador into a Skoda, leading to the death of the driver. This unfortunate incident has been linked to illegal racing of cars in the streets.


The accident that claimed the life of the Skoda driver was allegedly caused by illegal street racing

The horrible crash occurred on the A66 highway close to Hofheim, in a week ago. The Instagram Influencer that crashed the Lamborghini was identified as Navid Alpha, who has more than a million followers on Instagram.

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From further report, the Instagram influencer lost control of his Lamborghini Aventador S model and crashed it right into a guardrail before hitting an Opel and a Skoda. Instantly, the Skoda and Lamborghini went up in flames but the driver behind the wheels of the supercar was lucky enough to escape the inferno. Unfortunately for the Skoda driver, he lost his life to this tragic incident.


The German Instagram influencer - Navid Alpha

Just before the crash, a video was taken showing the moment the influencer was racing his Aventador in green body-paint down the highway, in the company of other supercars such as Porsche 911 GT3 and white Aventador Roadster.

Take a look at the clip of the clash below:

Fatal speeder accident: two Lamborghinis and a Porsche compete in car races

Alpha is currently in the police custody after receiving brief treatment at a nearby hospital. The 26-year-old Instagrammer was apprehended shortly after the incident while the police are still on the hunt for other drivers involved in this alleged illegal street race. Meanwhile, Lamborghini Urus is getting very popular in Nigeria despite series of crashes associated with the Italian supercar brand in recent years.

Usually, Alpha is known to dazzle his Instagram fans with various videos of his supercar. One of the popular videos was the moment he used a single hand on the steering while filming himself reach 124 mph on the road with another hand holding the phone.

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