PM of Papua New Guinea set to get a Bentley car after vowing to fight corruption


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About 111 MPs in Papua New Guinea are set to get luxury vehicles while the Prime Minister gets a Bentley car from the 2018 APEC summit recoveries. This caused much controversy as all cars were bought by taxpayers' money. Read more details!

For those who sometimes think that Nigeria is the only African country where politicians use luxury cars, Naijauto has got interesting reports for you from Papua New Guinea.

Recent newspaper reports have it that James Marape, the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea will soon get a Bentley car while a host of many other expensive vehicles will be shared to his MPs as well. All of these vehicles are reported to have been bought with taxpayers’ money and originally meant for Asia-Pacific summit.


Meet James Marape – current Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea

James Marape assumed office on the 30th of May 2019 as the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea and has vowed to fight corruption in the nation’s political systems. However, Ken Ngangan – the current Finance secretary of the nation has just disclosed to the press that the President will be getting a Bentley car while 111 of his MPs will also get luxury vehicles. These cars are among the 300 luxury vehicles that were said to have been purchased for APEC summit in 2018 by the last administration on a controversial “corruption” ground.

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All the luxury cars served at 2018 APEC were originally set to be sold

The finance minister revealed that this fleet of 300 cars include;

  • 40 units of the Maserati Quattroporte supercar worth ₦54million ($150,000) each
  • 3 units of Bentley luxury cars and more

The interim government of Papua New Guinea estimated that it cost them a total of ₦48.6billion ($135million) to host the so-called APEC Summit in the year 2018.

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