Please somebody stops him! Dino Melaye is addicted to buying extravagant cars!


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A posh white Roll-Royce Phantom has found its home in Dino Melaye's living room, and he looks so smug beside it.

Dino Melaye’s Instagram followers have been engrossed in his hectic life in the medium those days. But, put simply, no other post drives Instagram users insane like the one he just published yesterday of himself posing with his white Rolls-Royce Phantom parking inside his house.

Dino Melaye poses with his Rolls-Royce Phantom

This post only takes a day to get 10 times more likes than his other posts

Taking the social medium by storm, the picture of Dino Melaye posing with his Rolls-Royce Phantom takes only a day to get more than 23k likes, almost 10 times more than most of the other posts on his Instagram.

Alongside the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead, over his 430k followers are frequently fed with photos of his luxurious garage and exotic cars such as the Corvette, Prowler, Mercedes G-Wagon, Hindustan Ambassador, Lamborghini, Porsche Panamera, Bentley, Polaris Slingshot, Ferrari, and Mercedes-Benz S-Class, etc.

Video: Car Collection Of Senator Dino Melaye

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