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Lagos state VIO has released the details of all looted plate numbers that were allegedly stolen during the recent riot. See the details here!

Have you seen anyone advertising new number plates for sale in Lagos recently? Please be careful of such purchases because the Lagos state Vehicle Inspection office has confirmed that some number plates were looted from its Ejigbo office during the recent riot. As a matter of fact, the VIO office has even gone as far as publishing a list of the allegedly “stolen” number plates on local media outlets.


The Lagos state arm of the VIO says that some number plates were looted from its Ejigbo office during the recent riots

According to Lagos VIO reports, some hoodlums stormed the Ejigbo office during the recent riots and took away number plates that were printed for articulated trucks, bikes, commercial and private cars. In an effort to warn the general public about purchasing these stolen number plates, the Ejigbo VIO has now released a list of the looted number plates.

Below is a table with the list of allegedly stolen number plates according to Ejigbo VIO:

     List of "printed" number plates looted from Ejigbo office of VIO in Lagos
 Commercial Vehicles Motorcycles  Burnt Plates  Articulated truck  Others 
FKJ 212,213,214,215 YC
KTU 626 YC
FKJ 128,129,130 YC 

Missing Number plates:

KRD 434 QJ
AGL 888,889,
,902,903,904 QJ 

FKJ 210,211 YC
FKJ 518 GP
KJA 993 GP 
KTU 950 GN
MUS 163 GK 
EPE 571,572 GN 
T-3410-LA  BDG 461,462,463,464 GN
GGE 365,366,367,368 GN
EPE 573,574,356 GN
MUS 114,115,164 GK
KRD 260,261,262,263,264 GN
AGL 426,427,428,429,430 GN
KTU 949,951,952,953 GN
FKJ 519 GP 
LSR 160 GQ
KJA 943 GQ 
EPE 221 GN 

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The general public is enjoined to check the number plate on any car they are about to buy in Lagos from now on. Do not fall victim to evil perpetrators who might try to sell stolen vehicles with any of the above-listed number plates.

And speaking of looted items and damages caused by hoodlums during the recent riots below is a video showing the moment hoodlums attacked some stores in Lagos at night.


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