Pirelli designed Cyber Tire to communicate with cars via 5G network


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Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli has delivered another first in the Tire Production industry, as it develops the worlds first intelligent tire which can communicate with cars over 5G network. Read more details below!

Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli has delivered another first in the Tire Production industry, as it develops the world's first intelligent Tire. The tire maker which makes tires for famous brands like the Ashton Martin, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, McLaren, etc indicated that the tire is able to detect bad road conditions.

Pirelli says that the intelligence of these Cyber Tires is made possible by the use of several sensors that are able to detect potentially dangerous road conditions (like pot holes and possible hydroplaning) and other functions like dynamic load, distance covered and tire model, by analysing and interpreting vibration data collected, then reports its findings to the parent car as well as communicates the results with nearby vehicles over 5G network with high bandwidth and low latency.


The illustration of how Pirelli Cyber tire will work

The Cyber Tire and the world-first 5G enhanced Advanced Driver Assistance Systems had their maiden test demonstration at the 5G Path of Vehicle-to-Everything Communication event in Turin Italy, organised by 5G Automotive Association on Nov 14th, 2019.

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The demonstration showed the first car involved in a hydroplaning incident alerting the second car which slowed down a bit thus heavily negating the chances of experiencing same aquaplanning suffered by the first car.  As the world gradually heads towards an autonomous driving era, little efforts like this are big wins towards achieving SAE level 4 autonomy. As autonomous systems improve, the seamless communication between a Cyber tire and onboard autonomous system will see these self driving cars interpret the signals recieved from the sensors and then automatically perform safety maneuvers required to avoid the impending dangers. 

Pirelli smart and stylish connected tires in 2017 Geneva Motor Show

Besides the Cyber Tire, the Italian tire manufacturer also introduced another of its smart tire, the Italia Track Adrenaline which is a track-specific system that utilizes the signals it receives from the internal sensors of the P Zero Trofeo tires.

The Track Adrenaline monitorsin real time the temperature and pressure of the tire and combines this data with other important telemetric info to help the driver make the best decisions during a race. we expect more of these kinds of tech to be developed and introduced to modern cars as we head towards full autonomy.

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