See how Myanmar pilot lands a faulty plane successfully without front wheels


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It was a miracle when the pilot used the rear wheels to land the faulty plane against all odds. Click here to find out how he was able to do it without front wheels!

To see a pilot landing a plane without front wheels successfully, it is very rare and happens once in a lifetime. Recently, one of the most trending news in town is about the story of a Myanmar’s pilot that has been hailed and acknowledged as hero for landing a plane without the front wheels.

It was Sunday after the landing gear of the plane failed; he was able to land it with just the rear wheels.


It was indeed a miracle that no casualty was recorded despite the failure of the plane's landing gear

Flight 103 of the Myanmar Airlines was on its way to Mandalay from Yangon when the pilot got hint of the issue.

The Captain pilot, Myat Moe Aung according to a statement from the airline said he followed procedures used for emergency situation by reducing the landing weight via burning of fuel, which he thought of bringing down the jet down onto the rear wheels, hereby lowering its nose with precaution onto the runway, which it experienced skidding before halting for like 25 seconds. No casualty was confirmed in a statement by the airline.

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Myanmar passenger plane lands on runway without front wheels

Vehicles used for emergency situation as it rested on the tarmac’s nose following the incident.

Transport Minister in Myanmar, Win Khant believes that the pilot did a very good job when he was talking to Reuters.

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