Pictures of US President’s MotorCade inside C5-Galaxy Aircraft


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Accompanying Air Force One in overseas trips is monster cargo planes to carry US “Beasts”.

C-5 Galaxy and C-17 Globemaster III are just two examples of US military cargo aircrafts which get the privilege to carry President’s motorcade when he’s travelling abroad. Inside these “monters” are 2 world-renowned armored presidential limousines  called “The Beast."

C5 Galaxy aircraft and Air Force One

C5 Galaxy alongside Air Force One

In the Official visit of Mr.Trump to the UK last Thursday, 2 C5 Galaxy cargo planes have been employed to transport Presidential Motorcade as well as some military helicopters of US Army, namely Marine One and Osprey.

Air Force One and C5 Galaxy at the airport

Air Force One and C5 Galaxy at Prestwick Airport

As far as we know, C5 Galaxy Aircraft is currently the biggest plane of the US Air Force, with a wide range of variants priced from $100m to $262m, equivalent to around N36 billion and N94 billion.

US President’s Motorcade inside C5 Galaxy aircraft

US President’s Motorcade inside C5 Galaxy aircraft

President’s Motorcade inside C5 Galaxy cargo plane

Speaking of “The Beast”, these two Cadillac will take turn to carry the most powerful man of the US. The one chosen each time is called “Stagecoach” while the other is referred to “Spare.” “The Beast” is equipped with 5-inch thick bullet-proof windows, rocket-propelled grenades, pump-action shotguns and a variety of protective systems. The doors even have no keyholes so that the technique to open passenger doors remain secret to service team of the President only.

Along with the President in every trip, assistance teams ranging from personal security guards, CAT (Counter Assault Teams) to intelligent personnel are also present for timely support.

US President's car - The Beast

US President car - “The Beast”

“The Beast” with its distinctive features

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