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Why not let us do a quick throwback on popular Lagos roads. Let's see how they use to look back then. See the photos of some of the roads here now!

Even though we understand that not all of you Naijauto.com readers are from/or stay in Lagos, we just can't help but share this throwback photos with you guys.

The Lagos state we know and see today has definitely come a very long way to be what it is now. The set of photos you will be seeing below really shows and proves how much metamorphosis has occurred to Lagos state over the past years. In fact, these images actually reveal how the used to be Lagos was less populated, organized and the existence of orderliness back then in Lagos state.

Just take a look at the popular Lagos roads in the past below!

1. Lagos – Ikorodu Road


Lagos – Ikorodu Road in 1947

2. Ikorodu Expressway, Lagos


Former Ikorodu Expressway in Lagos

3. Marina, Lagos Island


This was a view of Marina, Lagos Island back then

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4. The Cable Office, Marina, Lagos


The old Cable Office which was later called NITEL at Marina, Lagos in 1896

5. Old Carter bridge, Lagos Island

The old Carter bridge of Lagos Island in 1950

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6. Broad Street at Lagos Island


This was the Broad Street at Lagos Island in the Mid-40s

7. Ereko Street, Lagos Island


Ereko Street at Lagos Island in 1956

8. Another view of Marina, Lagos Island


Inner side of Marina at Lagos Island in 1973

9. Old Kingsway Building, Marina


This was the Old Kingsway Building, Marina at Lagos Island

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10. Carter Bridge in Lagos


This was the well-known Carter Bridge in Lagos as of the Late ‘60s

This is how far Lagos state has come.

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