VIRAL!!! Photos of Nigerian policemen helping a man change his tires on a lonely expressway


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Would you ever imagine a typical Nigerian policeman being nice to you for one second? Check out these viral photos of policemen helping a man fix his car tires!

Are Nigerian Policemen nice to civilians?

Should Nigerian Policemen be trusted for the security of the people?

None of us here at could give a “Yes” or “No” direct answer to both of the above questions 😊. And we guess that majority of you readers will be in these same shoes too.

It is quite funny that the Police Force or even Armed Forces generally in the world at large are originally created to be associated with security, anti-corruption, safety as well as law and order altogether.

But a typical Nigerian civilian will burst into laughter on hearing that Nigerian Police are supposed to stand for all of the above-mentioned functions.


Well, it’s due to the fact that over the years Nigerian people have heard about and seen the policemen on several occasions being involved in or supporting negative practices such as bribery, forceful extortion, illegal torture, rape, scams, forgery, murder, assassination and many more.

But guess what?

This time around, some unidentified Nigerian policemen turned the table and redeemed a little bit of their generally projected horrible image by just doing one good act and pictures of them during the good act went viral. See the viral pictures below:


A selfie picture of the car owner and the policemen helping out to change his tire


A Nigerian police officer in uniform helping a civilian man to remove a deflated bad car tire


Nigerian Police officers gathering together to help the civilian man change his bad car tires

The driver who shared the following viral pictures is a civilian whose car had broken down on a very lonely expressway and to his greatest surprise, the Nigerian Police officers present on the road at that time gathered together and assisted him in fixing the car.

He had taken the above-shared photographs during the process as the policemen were helping him change his badly deflated car tires. He claims that they were very helpful and made sure he was all set before the police officers left him and went back to their posts.

Unbelievable right?

On a normal day, no one would ever imagine that some Nigerian police officers could be this good and helpful Lol.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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Oluwaseun Solomon

Oluwaseun Solomon

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