Photos of E-money’s $500K Maybach. Easy Money should we call him?


Posted by: Hassana Obi

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E-Money, the CEO of 5 Star Music has just published photos of new Maybach 62s on Instagram.

Few days ago, E-money, one of the most popular names on Nigerian’s social networks, has (again) flaunted the interior of his five-hundred-thousand-dollar (N181 million) Maybach 62s with his Instagram followers.

The photos have partly revealed the luxury interiors inside the hi-class auto.

E-money inside his car

E-money and his $500k Maybach

Before that, E-money has been known for often lavishing money on his pastimes. In the event by the famous football player Onazi Ogenyi, this mogul has used a money spraying gun to make it rain over the wedding. And this is not a rare scene if you notice every party that he joins.

E-money and his friends

Luxury lifestyle of this mogul

E-money, or Emeka Okonkwo, is the CEO of 5 Star Music and Emmy Cargoes Nig shipping company. He is also reported to step into real estate and fuel industry. Though other billionaires in the country are by no means owning less properties than this guy, no one can be put in comparison with his lavish lifefstyle.

E-money and Maybach 62s

E-money and Maybach 62s

E-money and Maybach 62s

More photos of E-money and his new bought auto

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Hassana Obi

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